March Calendar - Sowing

Marta Orlando and Ninon Liotet are picking up seeds to plant, research the monopoly of the seed selling and from there reflect over alternative possibilities of giving and trading, new forms of economy that can critically challenge modern currencies and value attributions.

Sowing chronicle ︎︎︎

March 5 & 6 - aquarium
March 13 - communal seed swap at Daheim Manufaktur
March 14 - aquarium

Harvesting calendar - March & April

AvantGardenLife and Luigi D’Alessio/PanePanacea are harvesting healing, beneficial plants and exploring traditional methods of food preservation and herbalism.  

Harvesting chronicle ︎︎︎    

March 20 - spring equinox foraging in Plänterwald   
March 21 - aquarium
April 17 - aquarium   
April 18 - aquarium

Marco Bruzzone and Darius Mikšys, whose separate artistic practices have been investigating the conceptual implications of the relationship between art and its audience, are researching the possible associations that the concept of consumption has with the contemporary art practice.

Transformation chronicle ︎︎︎  

April 24 & 25 - aquarium
April 29 - aquarium   
April 30 - outdoors procession

Service chronicle - May

Isabel Lewis and Liz Craft are exploring the gentle art of serving through the body as medium of the senses and as a political tool combining the performative functional approach with the artistic creative process.

Service chronicle ︎︎︎

May 15 - aquarium  
May 16 - field trip to Kaakstedt, Gerswalde
May 22 & 23 - aquarium

Kira Lillie/In Co Lab together with Franziska Lantz/Global Warming are examining the numerous ways of making the celebrative moment of commensality an experience to connect and to share with what has been carefully achieved during the previous months. 

Celebration chronicle ︎︎︎

June 13 - aquarium   
June 19 - outdoors tba   
June 20 - outdoors tba   
June 24 & 25 - aquarium

June 26 - the canteen is open ︎︎︎


The Threaders are participating, over the course of the project, in open discussions and are developing personal dynamics and independent contributions that will stand as a record for the evolution of the project. 

Threaders chronicles:

Valentina Karga ︎︎︎
Viron Erol Vert ︎︎︎
Philip Wiegard ︎︎︎


Diners chronicles:

Michelangelo Corsaro
Hooops Garden
Clementine Roy ︎︎︎
Stephanie Stein ︎︎︎
Marcus Steinweg ︎︎︎
Ana Tabatadze
Lindsay Zasada