Valentina Karga devotes a large part of her work to participatory practices: she facilitates situations of commoning  and challenges existing social and physical infrastructures in the fields of energy, economy and sustainability.

For her participation to Every Mouth Must Be Fed, Karga employed a solar cooker and natural dying materials to realize a 20-meter-long fabric tablecloth runner that will be used during the conclusive, celebrative moment of the project.

The dying process was conducted using a
zero-waste and a zero-pollution methodology, in accordance to the latest production of the artist; her intervention will merge, towards the final event, with the ones led in parallel by Viron Eron Vert and Philip Wiegard.

At scattered intervals troughout the course of the project and the run of the laboratories, the participants are invited to sewing sessions where the togetherness unfolds in the act of sewing together on the fabric prepared by Karga, as a moment of exchange and deceleration from the other activities happening in the space.

The participants are encouraged to record on the runner their personal reflections and perspectives over the topics Every Mouth Must Be Fed revolves around: at the end, all the singular and micro viewpoints will blend together in a collective and open narrative traced on the fabric.