Ninon Liotet
Marta Orlando

In the first phase of sowing, Marta Orlando and Ninon Liotet started investigating the taxonomy of seeds and the monopoly of their selling, tracing a parallel with forms of control, classification and privatization experienced in our societies.
As an alternative scenario, the artists imagined the seedlings, hybrid seeds that escape any taxonomic categorization, as a starting point of an expanded field of research that embraces queer ecologies, decolonization and intersectionality.

In the video The awakening of the Transplants, by Clementine Roy, the artists staged a witchy setting where two scientist-looking individuals discover, collect and breed such seedlings, before planting them again in a fertile soil.

The video, imagined as a fictional tutorial on how to grow these mysterious, sensual and queering entities, was mirrored by the consequent installation realized by Orlando and Liotet at aquarium, where the artists created a vertical garden of hanging soil in which seeds previously found or gifted to the artists were collectively planted, growing and germinating throughout the run of the project until June.