by Luigi D’Alessio


AvantGardenLife succeeded the first duo of artists and started leading the phase of harvesting, that continued with the orchestration of Luigi D’Alessio.
In her first workshop weekend, AvantGardenLife accompanied the workshops participants in a foraging bike ride in the Berlin forest of Plaenterwald, introducing the beneficial virtues of plants that grow around us and starting a reflection on how to subvert a human-centered narrative, towards a more empathetic and entangled approach to the livings that surround us. On the following day, the participants were conducted through the fermentation process of left-over vegetables, practicing a zero-waste policy.

Over the followig session, AvantGardenLife and Luigi D’Alessio worked in collaboration. AvantGardenLife led a workshop where the medicinal qualities of herbs were explored through our senses, while Luigi D’Alessio shared his practice of bread making based on the 121-year-old sourdough that he received from a lady of Apulia.
The preparation and tasting of the bread was accompanied by texts on socio-historical notes on bread baking and on the value of sharing.
The two also discussed about their area of expertise, herbalism.
As the two artists come from very different backgrounds - having one pursued an academic course of study, and the other learned absorbing from popular culture and traditions in the south of Italy - their knowledges in comparison has been an interesting and enriching exchange.