In his work, Philip Wiegard transfers the tradition of handicraft in the realm of painting. His production process explores boundaries between work and playfulness, like performative workshops.

During Every Mouth Must Be Fed, the artist is advising and guiding the group through the format of the workshop/laboratory to better understand it and is helping create a platform that aims to be as long-lasting, participatory and sustainable as possible.

During the phase of sowing, Wiegard worked in close collaboration with Marta Orlando and Ninon Liotet: the outcome of this exchange was the realization, directed by Wiegard, of four panels that could serve as a background for the vertical garden installation
realized by Orlando and Liotet on the storefront windows of the space.

The panels’ canvases were primed using a handcraft technique developed by Wiegard to reproduce the automatic processes of texture-making: on them, the participants were then invited to draw collectively employing the surrealist technique of the „exquisite corpse“.

Chance and playfulness originated mysterious, totemic figures that are now guarding the vegetation growing on the windows of aquarium.