Viron Erol Vert is an artist whose personal, multicultural background plays a key role in his practice.

For his contribution to Every Mouth Must Be Fed, Vert took inspiration from the tradition of street vending in Turkey, his homeland.
Street vending is characterized by stands placed on the sidewalks of busy streets: the stands often consist of a wooden support that is easy to flip and carry, as well as from a sheet of fabric, on which the sellable goods are displayed, that can be quickly wrapped up in itself. The ephemerality of the structures aims to facilitate a getaway for when these spontaneous and unlicensed markets are interrupted by the police.

Reflecting over the spontaneity, structure free resiliency of these gatherings, that somehow reflect the same qualities of Pane Per Poveri, Vert decided to develop a clothing piece that resembled the structures seen in Istanbul. Designed as a wearable long apron with a wooden tray in front and one in the back, with food and seasonings presented on the latter, the twelve pieces produced intended to facilitate a shared moment of commensality: the act of serving yourself, creating your own plate that stands in front, while at the same allowing someone else to benefit of the goods you offer on your back — serve and be served, as stated by a phrase that was developed and broadly resonated during the last months of Every Mouth Must Be Fed.

The pieces, developed in collaboration with Philip Wiegard and thanks to his knotting expertise, were worn both by the present contributing artists and by visitors during the final, celebrative day of the project.